Nearly 1,000 Phnom Penh COVID-19 Patients Treated at Home

AKP Phnom Penh,As of yesterday, 915 COVID-19 patients with mild condition have undergone home treatment and of them, 268 have been successfully cured – thanks to the hard work of assigned medical staff and the concerned local authorities.


The update was shared in a monitoring meeting with Phnom Penh police and armed force chiefs, the 14 Khan authorities, and the health department chaired by Phnom Penh Municipal Governor H.E. Khuong Sreng on July 9.


Acknowledging the hard work, H.E. Khuong Sreng reminded all concerned officers and authorities of key areas to ensure effective COVID-19 home treatment encouraged by the Royal Government of Cambodia.


Those infected by the disease and are allowed to carry out home treatment must be accompanied by respective authority to their home right after having the result in order to make sure they will not drop by anywhere, said the governor.


Any patients receiving treatment at the hospitals or treatment centres who want to shift to home treatment, if allowed by competent medical doctor, must hand in an official agreement with necessary terms of condition.


H.E. Khuong Sreng added that all homes with COVID-19 patients under treatment must be labelled with an official logo issued by the Phnom Penh municipal administration, and they must leave their waste somewhere in their places for at least 72 hours before disposing it for the waste collector to pick up.



Source: Agency Kampuchea Press



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