Kade Lake of Thbong Khmum Mulled as Protected Area

Concerned government authorities and development partners have convened a virtual consultation to include Kade lake in Thbong Khmum province into Cambodia’s protected area.
It was an intention to preserve the richness of the lake areas spreading about 1,643 hectares in Kroch Chmar district.
According to the Ministry of Environment, Kade lake is home to at least 75 kinds of flooded forests, 56 species of fish, 64 types of birds, 20 family lines of reptiles, 9 species of mammals and 10 species of mollusc.
It also has a collection of trees and could be a very potential ecotourism site.
Though a decision has not yet been made, all stakeholders support the inclusion of Kade lake as a protected area.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press